A Come back to 70’s Fashion: The Clog

Perhaps, like me, you are old enough to keep in mind initially that clogs shoes were in fashion, the 1970’s – a great decade for fashion. Well, like many trends, what circles, comes around, and now, clogs are in fashion.

If you never remember the 70’s, perhaps you had been yet to be born, or you are of the age group that holds the adage:’if you remember the 70’s, you weren’t there ‘! If that’s the case, then maybe you are not sure what clogs are. Clogs originate from Holland, the standard shoe was made of wood, looking similar to a shoe; they’re quite chunky and have an open back, the toe is points upwards slightly, and has a rounded design. They are wear shoes so are very convenient, and now are in fashion – ideal for those of us who want to look great, without likely to too much trouble.

Since clogs have made a comeback, they no longer adhere to the original design. They’ve been modernised and brought current with contemporary الموضة. Designers have created various derivations from the standard style, many have material uppers, and others have added buckles or fringe effects.

Clogs shoes are in fashion for guys and women alike, here we shall consider every one consequently:

Women’s clogs

Clogs are much more popular in women’s fashions than in men’s; that is largely as a result of feminine feel to the shoe. Having an open back, they resemble sandals, which people traditionally think of as a design of footwear created for women.

Clogs are really versatile concerning the different variations found. They are easily beautified with the addition of simple embellishments, such as for instance studs, diamante, broaches and all manner of lacing and stitching. They come in a wide variety of colours, some bright – such as for instance electric pink, others more understated and sophisticated – such as for instance black.

As a design of footwear, they’re also extremely adaptable to fashion trends. They suit a wide variety of’looks ‘, they could be teamed with skirts and dresses, as well as with trousers and shorts. Making clogs shoes a great addition to any wardrobe because they can fit nearly every design of clothing. Moreover, they suit all seasons, there’s no need to change styles for winter or summer, they can conform to both, being warm or airy, depending on the weather.

Men’s Clogs
As mentioned earlier, people traditionally see clogs as women’s shoes. However, with the birth of the metro-sexual male of the 1990’s, men tend to be more comfortable, nowadays, wearing clothes that have an elegant air.

Today, leading designers have masculinised clogs to produce them more attractive as a design of footwear for men. They come in masculine colours, such as for instance black and brown, and are constructed with strong and durable materials, such as for instance leather. But on top of that, they do not take much effort to wear; they simply slip off and slip back on again, making them the lazy boy of the shoe world.

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